Behind The Scenes

Want to know what a wedding with Hilary's Floral Design looks like? then let us enlighten you.

We often get asked by our couples what the typical process is leading up to and on the wedding day. Whilst each and every one of our weddings is completely unique in terms of style, location and requirements, we approach each wedding day in pretty much the same way. Here’s a little sneak peek behind the scenes to show you what the team get up to creating your beautiful wedding flowers

Let's Talk Flowers

In the preceding months or sometimes years leading up to the wedding day, we’ll have worked closely with our engaged couple to put together an in-depth and detailed wedding file, detailing all the key floral areas required, the overall styling for the wedding day and what we’re looking to create in terms of the chosen colour palettes, specific items, flower selections and desired floral installations for the day. A month before the wedding day, is normally when we would of had our final consultation (with what will now be our very excited couple) to confirm and finalise everything that's on the wedding file. Then it’s the fun part and time to place the pre-order at the flower market weeks in advance, to ensure we get the highest quality of blooms from our trusted suppliers.

Flower Delivery Day

We absolute love this part, when we take delivery of all the wedding flowers at the studio –  Once the blooms arrive at our studio, every single flower is carefully cut and conditioned. We take special care of each individual stem: removing excess leaves, trimming stalks, de thorning stems, feeding and watering each one, so they are at their very best come the big day. Then our hard working team of florists get to work the day before the big day creating each individual aspect, making sure every element is perfect for day ahead.

The Big Day is Here

The wedding day starts nice and early for us here at Hilary's Floral Design, we'll arrive early on site and get to work installing all the wedding flowers. Large Installations and floral arches are usually made and then finished off in situ, table flowers are perfectly placed and floral adornments are positioned and everything is inspected thoroughly to make sure that it's just perfect before we leave and you arrive. It's then time for the most exciting parts for us, to hand deliver the bridal bouquet to the bride, and to share in some of that excitement and anticipation of what the day has in-store. In some cases, you'll then see us popping up again after the ceremony service, as we are spotted sneaking past wedding guests at the church or venue to move the ceremony flowers back to the venue or reception room and to re instal ready for your arrival. Leaving you and your guests to enjoy and celebrate the rest of the day in style.

Our team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, to create an enjoyable experience and to share in your excitement. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch anytime, as we are always here to help!

We LOVE what we do, and all our team are experienced wedding and event florists and are here with you every step of the way. We are also very proud of our achievements as we’ve been recognised for our work by the most prestigious awards in the industry – winning Best Wedding Florist at The Welsh National Wedding Awards for 8 years running.